Vocational Rehabilitation Services

NCPD offers certifiable training programmes in the fie lds of Agriculture/Horticulture, Beauty Culture, Food Preparation, Garment Construction, Information Technology, Office Administration, Welding, Book Binding and Woodwork. Graduates are certified by the National Examinations Council of the Ministry of Educati on, demonstrating competence in various fields at national occupational standards. The Centre is in the process of transitioning to the Caribbean Vocational Qualification as its primary certification system.

Upon graduation, graduates can access the apprenticeship programme which is designed to enhance their proficiency in their skill areas and their professional formation as they prepare for transition to the job market. The Centre has launched a training programme in paper recycling where trainees learn to recycle paper and produce marketable products from recycled paper. Trainees and apprentices also participate in remedial education, life skills training, computer literacy training, music, art, craft and sports. Trainees and apprentices have access to complimentary support services including vocational counselling and social services.

The Work Adjustment Programme is a service offered to individuals who have acquired a disability during their working life and require retraining and vocational rehabilitation. This may mean intensive counselling with the client and his/her family members to help them adjust to their new circumstances. It may also include acquiring new skills that will enable the individual to return to work and regain a level of independence. This programme is personalized and, as the client progresses, it is adjusted to suit his/her specific needs. This programme has no age restriction.


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